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Liberta is a site of an exclusively educational character, oriented towards the evaluation of lifelong education, research, as well as continuous work on oneself. Science, especially that related to space and space technology and the protection of human rights, as well as functional interpersonal relations, are at the top of the site’s priorities and research subjects. Socially responsible behavior, a healthy lifestyle, especially in maintaining both physical and mental hygiene, are values ​​that we have lost a little along the way, and it would be good to bring them back into everyday life.

Scientific-research work in all fields, as well as lifelong education, are extremely important, and it is necessary to connect and connect the fields so that the overall picture is more complete, transparent and clear to all interested users, both those who want information and those important for implementing the results in the system . Knowledge must be appreciated, respected and valorized! It should become a valuable and useful component in our lives, and the enormous effort invested, years of research work and advocacy for a better perspective, must be respected and must not be neglected, belittled and

There are many interesting stories, events and people that no one pays attention to in everyday life, where an endless amount of information circulates, but it is precisely these segments that give the charm and meaning of living. These range from small hidden fairy-tale places, both in Croatia and in the region, famous personalities, cultural and artistic societies, other cultural and socially beneficial organizations, famous and historical figures, cultural landmarks, valuable family traditional crafts, service activities and all the way to very significant, symbolic wise thoughts and valuable historical stories, which can very well serve as a base for life guidance, learning and growth.

It is extremely important that we can implement all these research and development processes in legislative frameworks and in implementing policies that are of key importance for the functioning of society. The basis of all human rights and freedoms is precisely free and unhindered action within legal frameworks and the free and unencumbered expression of one’s views, as long as the freedom of expression does not offend someone else’s personality, and the freedom of action does not threaten someone else’s freedom and safety, and the information provided has been verified and accurate.

Finally, long ago Mark Twain summed it all up in one sentence: “It’s not what we don’t know that gets us into trouble, it’s what we know for sure, which just isn’t true.”

Iva Ilić

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